We ship! We also deliver locally. Below is a chart of shipping fees. Don't see your location? Contact us and we can accommodate that.  These are here to just give you a general idea of what you can expect for shipping fees.  After your order is placed and payment is received, you will receive a separate second invoice via email that has your shipping costs calculated.  Your food will be shipped via next day shipping every wednesday after payments are made.  Our rates are based on next day shipping to ensure freshness and we ship your food packaged in dry ice to also ensure maximum freshness.  If there is still dry ice in the package when you receive it, use tongs or something other than your bare hands to remove it, as it is extremely cold and can cause burns.  We also deliver locally in the Minnesota area for orders over $100 and a mileage charge of $0.20/mile will be added.  Orders will also be delivered free of charge twice a year to drop sites in the twin cities metro and Duluth in March and late summer, exact dates to be determined.  And as always, you are welcome to pick up from the farm as well, we'd be happy to meet and chat with you and to show you how the animals are raised. 

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Grass Fed Lamb

Pasture Raised Poultry