Lamb Cuts

Grass Fat Lamb! Our lambs are a St.Croix/Katahdin cross, hair sheep breed as opposed to wool, and have a milder flavor than traditional wool sheep. Like our beef, they graze natural grasses and legumes year-round significantly increasing the Omega 3 fatty acid content of the marbling.  No added hormones and no grain, our sheep are outside on pasture doing what they love, healthy, happy getting fat on grass! 🐑 

Pick Up directly at the farm or delivery available upon request. 

Now in stock! See cuts and prices below. 


Lamb Shanks

$22.00 per pound

avg 1.02 lbs

avg price $22.44

Lamb Neck

$20.00 per pound

avg 0.75 lbs

avg price $15.00

Lamb Chops

$32.00 per pound

avg 0.68 lbs 

avg 3 chops

avg price $21.76

Shoulder Roast

$17.00 per pound

avg 1.46 lbs

avg price $24.82

Lamb Sausage

$16.00 per pound

avg 0.98 lbs

avg price $15.68

Mild Italian Sausage

$16.00 per pound

avg. 1 lb

avg price $16.00

Rack of Lamb

$32.00 per pound

avg 1.17 lbs

avg price $37.44


Lamb Ribs

$20.00 per pound

avg. 0.70 lbs

avg price $14.00

Leg Steaks

$28.00 per pound

avg 0.96 lbs

avg price $26.88

Sirloin Chops

$30.00 per pound

avg 1.09 lbs

avg price $32.70